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Digital Marketing And Its Subsets

Digital Marketing

As each day passes artificial intelligence and shopping bots are getting wiser making it easy for the end user to smartly choose the product they buy.To beat this you not only need quality products and competitive price you also require smart digital reach which is possible through Online Advertising a.k.a Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing(Story Telling)

Whether you realise it or not, every business has a story to tell. Social media is the perfect platform to share this story with potential customers.Storytelling on social media helps to build a personalized brand that people trust. With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s no passing trend. If people don’t know about your business, they can’t become your customers. Social media boosts your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a wide audience by using a large amount of time and effort.

What We Provide.

We are a digital growth marketing agency experienced in managing ROI-focused campaigns across channels in different verticals like ecommerce, retail, travel, technology, insurance and hospitality.Our strengths lies in the innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology tools and analysis we provide to clients vis-a-vis challenges and competition in the given vertical and industry.


From Search Engine Marketing(Google Ads/Yahoo/Bing), Search Engine Optimization, Analytic, Media Ads On Social Platforms,Ott Network Ads & Any New Platforms That Surfaces From Time To Time

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OTT Advertising

The pace of advancements in tech offers advertisers the unique ability to select the geography, demography, behavioural, and other first and third-party data for precision targeting. The potential to personalize and customize topical ads based on the concept of a customer data platform is very impactful.  Using technology, the user profiling is accurate enough to place the most relevant advertisement in the most engaging content for the most prospective customer. With engagement now being a two-way street, advertisers can think about customers strategically – as brand ambassadors, influencers, collaborators, and innovators in their engagement models. OTT and digital infrastructure provide means for advertisers to broaden their focus for more collaborative engagement. The result is QR (quick response) banners, augmented reality ads, omnichannel marketing, 3D view, and AI for predictive personalization. We At Aliki Media Also Specialize In Ott Marketing Expanding Your Options To Reach Millions.

Case Study

Case Study Of Namaskar Family Restaurant Which Saw 5 Times Increase in ROI

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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